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All drain lines in a building tie together and exit underground to a city sewer.  This is known as your main sewer line.  In Amherst, you may find that your main sewer is constructed of old materials that are not reliable.  Materials such as clay pipe.  They become compromised over time and roots and debris invade the line.  We offer sewer and drain inspection and cleaning services to clear the blockages if and allow the sewer to begin to flow once again.  When needed, we will replace your main sewer lines and drain lines.


Plumbing services to consider for your project:

  • Main Sewer Line Cleaning

  • Main Sewer Line Replacement

  • Drain Line Cleaning

  • Drain Line Replacement

  • Camera Video Inspection Service


Hazlett Plumbing is Certified as a Master Plumber in Amherst, New York.


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